Another Dead Wrestler
Johnny Grunge

At some point during the nineties Mike Durham probably listened to Kurt Cobain while he was making friends with Chris Benoit. At some point during the nineties, Mike Durham changed his name to Johnny Grunge and used the bodies of other men to shatter particleboard tables for the cheers and admiration of a bunch of misfit young people crammed into a Philadelphia Bingo Hall. Then the nineties were over and Johnny Grunge didn’t really have a career any more because he didn’t change his name to Johnny Boyband or Johnny Emo or Johnny Hiphop. So Mike Durham moved to Georgia and lived a few blocks away from Chris Benoit and in a few years Mike Durham was dead but it wasn’t the Chris Benoit who killed him. Mike Durham died from a lack of life goals, too many movies and video games and sleep apnea. Mike Durham had two boys and the video games didn’t kill them and they spent time with Daniel Benoit before Daniel Benoit was murdered by his father.