Another Dead Wrestler

Eddie Guerrero

He was born Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes and professional wrestling was in his blood. It was the family business. His father was a wrestler, his uncles, his brothers, his cousins. Everyone called him Eddie and he started wrestling in matches with his cousin, Chavo, when he was fifteen years old. Eddie Guerrero did not stop wrestling until the day he died, on a cold and windy night in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Alone in his hotel bed, Guerrero’s heart may well have exploded in his chest. It was just too much to bear, the drugs, the drinking, the uppers, the downers, the painkillers, the growth hormones, the steroids. Eddie had tried his best to get clean, for the sake of his marriage and his three girls. Eventually Eddie found faith and salvation in the arms of the Lord and repented for the sins of his past. Eddie Guerrero was a proud, born-again Christian, and he wore that title like a belt around his waist. But Eddie Guerrero made a career out of portraying a liar and a cheat and it was the lies that eventually would kill him. Guerrero used his newfound religion and sobriety as a blindfold, to hide his one secret. He couldn’t shake the steroids. There were still secrets in his soul. The growth hormone HCG and the steroid stanozolol, which he continued to take until the morning in the Marriott City Center when his cousin Chavo tried to blow life back into his lungs. It was too late. It was over.