Another Dead Wrestler
Owen Hart

When Owen Hart was the Blue Blazer he wore a mask and a blue cape and told kids to drink their milk and say their prayers. The Blue Blazer must have forgot to say his that night at the Kemper Arena in St. Louis. Owen Hart was afraid of heights, but the Blue Blazer always entered from the rafters. As he sat amongst the scaffolding I wonder what he was thinking about, I wondered if he thought about his brother Bret, or Martha or the kids. And when he started his descent I wonder what he thought about when the harness snapped and he plummeted chest first into the cold blue steel of the ring post. And I wonder if he heard the fans cheering and clapping like crazy because they thought the whole thing was a stunt. And I wonder what the other wrestlers were thinking about when the show had to go on, and they had to land back first onto the canvas still stained red with the blood of their dead friend.